Jumat, 18 Juli 2014

Lebaran Duka Untuk Penumpang MH17

Kumpulan SMS Ucapan Idul Fitri Terbaru - Yuli Hastini, has been almost 7 years living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Eid this time Yuli family intend to return home to Solo to celebrate with a big family. But fate decides otherwise. The host aircraft, Malaysia Airlines MH-17, shot down, killing all crew and passengers.

Yuli Hastini is one of the dead fall of the MH-17 in Ukraine. Yuli with her husband, John Paulissen, and their two children, Arjuna Martin Paulissen (5 years) and Sri Paulissen (3 years), Thursday afternoon departed Amsterdam time going back and forth to Solo. They boarded the MH-17 aircraft majors Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur.

Awang Nuryanto, sister-in-law Yuli, said so far there has not been any official information to families about the fate Yuli Solo. However, the family ensures that the family Yuli up the ill-fated plane, because before leaving he sent a message to the belonging Woro Pamiluti Facebook inbox, Awang wife, who is the younger brother Yuli.

"Ma'am Yuli account to send a message to my wife that her family yesterday afternoon ride departing from Amsterdam on Malaysia Airlines. Aircraft will descend to Kuala Lumpur and is scheduled to fly to Jakarta, next to Solo., But fate decides otherwise," Awang said when met at his house in Jalan Noyorono No. 29, Kebonan, Sriwedari, Solo, Friday (07/18/2014).

The plan, said Awang, Yuli family towards the family home in Jalan Noyorono No. 14, Kebonan, Sriwedari, Solo, to celebrate Eid with his extended family in Solo.

"At the moment my wife and my brother in law had to go to Jakarta to meet with the airline. If indeed be taken care of down to Kuala Lumpur, we are ready to take care of it," said Awang.

CaraNesia - Yuli is a woman 44 years, original Solo. Yuli was the third of nine children. She met her husband while working at a pharmaceutical company in Jakarta. Furthermore, they were married about 9 years ago. Two years living in Jakarta, then they decided to move to the Netherlands. Both children were born in the land of the windmills.

"Ma'am Yuli last home to Solo in early November 2013 and the time to visit our mother who was seriously ill until the mother died. Ms. Yuli also recently anniversary. I re

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